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JSC Board Votes to Accept ASJR Registrations

The Board of Directors of the Jacob Sheep Conservancy (JSC), at its annual meeting on May 8, 2016, voted to accept registrations from the American Jacob Sheep Registry (AJSR) as equivalent to JSC registrations. This was done in recognition that both the JSC and the AJSR have the same breed standards for certification and registration, including progeny testing. Progeny testing is the process used to verify the genetic purity of breeding animals whose history is unknown. This involves examining their offspring from two breedings to different mates to ensure that the offspring display the traits and characteristics specified in the breed standard. The JSC website explains the multi-step process of progeny testing, certification, and registration beginning here:!certificationregistration-pr/c233r. Once the parent sheep are registered, the process for certifying and registering their offspring is streamlined. The appropriate forms and guidance are found on the JSC website, under “JSC Forms.” Breeders with ASJR-registered sheep who wish to register future sheep with the JSC need only produce documentation of ASJR registration for the parent sheep and register the new Jacob lambs using the streamlined process. For more information, contact JSC Registrar Catherine Snook

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