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Code of Ethics


The ethical Jacob sheep breeder and all members of the Jacob Sheep Conser­vancy follow the guidelines listed herein, and pledge both honestly and forth­ rightly:



  • To practice and support the goals, principles, and procedures as set forth by tlie Jacob Sheep Conservancy.

  • To insure the purity of the Jacob sheep through accurate record keeping.

  • Insure the genetic purity of the Jacob sheep through the use of the Progeny Testing Program.­

  • To eliminate all suspected crossbred Jacobs from one's Jacob sheep breeding program.

  • To refrain from the introduction of other breeds into sheep presented for certifica­ tion and registration.

  • To provide accurate and timely registration documents to purchasers of one's breeding stock.

  • To employ safe animal husbandry practices to insure the health and well being of one's Jacob flock.

  • To practice honesty in all its forms in representing the genetics of one's sheep and in dealing with the public and potential purchasers of one's stock.

  • To conduct oneself with dignity and honesty at any breed organization public function in such a manner that enhances the image of the Jacob sheep rather than oneself. To speak authoritatively for the breed organization only with ap­proval of the organization.

  • To be knowledgeable about the Jacob Breed Standard and thoroughly familiar with the various morphological faults one may encounter in a Jacob breeding program in order to preserve and protect the integrity of the genome of this primitive breed.

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