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Application for Registration


Step Three • Application for Registration. Once your sheep has been certified and you have submitted lambs from two breedings for certification and those lambs have passed the certification process, you may submit an Application for Registration for the parent sheep. The progeny lambs may be registered with that same form by filling out the bottom of the page. Their regis­ try then becomes based on having registered parents. Once the sheep is issued a Registration Certificate, you do not have to progeny-test that animal again. You do not have to progeny-test its lambs, as they will be offspring of registered sheep.

Once sheep are registered, their future offspring may be registered in a one-step process with the combined "Certification and Registration Application."


If you have a sheep that fails the registration process, you may appeal to the Certification Committee who will evaluate your re­ quest and possibly allow you to repeat the progeny process with a different mate.


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