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Application for Certification

May download application                                   or complete online

( Use for sheep who do not have two JSC Registered parents . Sheep using this form will be in the JSC Progeny testing program )

SEND TO: Jacob Sheep Conservancy; JSC Business Office, 668 CR 519, Belvidere, NJ 07823

JSC Members ONLY APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATION ~ FEE:$5.00               Temporary Papers: $5.00 for lambs for Show season
























































































Naming Sheep

Sheep registered in the JSC must have the flock/farm/personal name of the breeder preceding the common name if a farm name is used. The Breeder is the owner of the ewe at the time of conception of the sheep requesting Registration. For instance, a sheep bought unregistered from a non member, Mr. Floyd, may be named Floyd's Folly. Please get the permission of that person to use his name. Sheep conceived on your own farm are named using your flock or farm name no matter what the name is on the parents. No name may be changed after submission for Certification or registration in the JSC, JSBA or JSS. Any sheep not owned by you but bred by you must have a lease form attached to the applications in order for you to be named the breeder of the lambs and use your name. Please consult the Registrar if your situation does not fit into these categories. Ownership transfers at the time of official transfer of the papers by the   registrar.


All Certification Applications (Certification and Certification and Registration forms) need to be accompanied by pictures. Each sheep is required to have at least two views: front and side showing all of that side, and a rear view showing the opposite side including the legs. One view must show 

the head face on. Pictures should be in color, clear, CLOSE and show details of all traits that are listed on the form. If more pictures are needed to show detail, more pictures may be submitted. Take pictures on bare ground or on a stand so that the color of the hooves show. Any distinctive 

marking, split eyelids, or any trait that may be questionable such as a horn that may have minimal striping, must have clear photos. A horn that shows only enough growth to look like a scur will be considered a scur. Scurred and polled sheep are not registerable in the JSC. Most traits must be visible in the photo to be assessed by the Certifier. Please wait until your lamb is mature enough to photograph. All of the lambs from any particular breeding of a progeny test must be submitted for certification. Please remember to take photos even if a lamb dies.

Filling out these forms

Please write legibly and double check your information. It is in the best interest of the Jacob that we know as much as possible about the breed. The JSC does not take conformation issues into account when certifying sheep unless they are a question of soundness for the animal. However when recording information about the breed some traits such as fused horns, striped  horns, or split eyelids may be helpful in the future.  We thank you for registering your sheep!


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