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Why Conserve a Rare Breed?


Jacob sheep may be one of the older breeds of domestic sheep,  with the irregular spotted fleece acting as some defensive protection against predators. Today, their beautiful markings, multihorn characteristic and inquisitive personalities make this special breed easy to love and a joy to raise.


Consider adding a group of Jacobs to your flock or farm.  As a  farmer, homesteader or shepherd  you already understand the needs and demands of domestic animals. You  will find the hardiness of the Jacob allows them to thrive on a very small  investment of time and resources.  Even a small flock will expose  this great breed to more people, who may in turn help spread the word about healthy genetic diversity.  And the sought-after wool  and lean meat will add to the income available through your farm.


Consider keeping your breeding stock pure and your husbandry practices consistent with conservation goals. Though many people have “improved” their meat or spinner flock with the introduction of Jacob blood, these crossings diminish the already dwindling gene pool, and further endanger the breed.  Consider registering your Jacob sheep with the Jacob Sheep Conservancy.  For a minimal fee, this careful recording of sheep pedigrees helps protect and preserve the gene pool and the future of the breed.

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