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                  Jacob Sheep Conservancy 

                            Mission and Goals

The JSC is dedicated to conserving and preserving the Jacob Sheep through breeder education, research     about the Jacob Sheep, the keeping of records and collection of data, collecting information about and monitoring breed health; maintaining a Registry of progeny (genetically) tested Jacob Sheep, and providing support and service to our members

  • To engage in the education, research, conservation, and the advancement of public aware- ness of the Jacob breed of sheep.

  • To register and keep pedigree records of all animals that qualifies as Jacob sheep.

  • To provide interested people with information about Jacob sheep and their products.

  • To develop a breed standard which will serve to identify and register individual sheep that qualify as Jacobs.

  • To promote interest in the Jacob breed of sheep wherever possible in order to attract new breeders for the conservation and well-being of the breed.

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